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What Is CrossFit We Hear You Ask ?

CrossFit is a fitness regimen developed by Greg Glassman over several decades. Glassman, CrossFit’s Founder and CEO, was the first person in history to define fitness in a meaningful, measurable way: increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. He then created a program specifically designed to improve fitness and health.

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. These are the core movements of life. They move the largest loads the longest distances, so they are ideal for maximizing the amount of work done in the shortest time. Intensity is essential for results and is measurable as work divided by time—or power. The more work you do in less time, or the higher the power output, the more intense the effort. By employing a constantly varied approach to training, functional movements and intensity lead to dramatic gains in fitness.

The community that spontaneously arises when people do these workouts together is a key component of why CrossFit is so effective, and it gave birth to a global network of CrossFit affiliates that number over 13,000. Harnessing the natural camaraderie, competition and fun of sport or game yields an intensity that cannot be matched by other means.

The CrossFit program is driven by data. Using whiteboards as scoreboards, keeping accurate scores and records, running a clock, and precisely defining the rules and standards for performance, we not only motivate unprecedented output but derive both relative and absolute metrics at every workout. This data has important value well beyond motivation.

Overall, the aim of CrossFit is to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness supported by measurable, observable and repeatable results. The program prepares trainees for any physical contingency—not only for the unknown but for the unknowable, too. Our specialty is not specializing.

While CrossFit challenges the world’s fittest, the program is designed for universal scalability, making it the perfect application for any committed individual, regardless of experience. We scale load and intensity; we don’t change the program. The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind.

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The Benefits Of Crossfit

Better Conditioning and Versatility

Better Conditioning and Versatility 

CrossFit Programmes are as mentioned above tailored to improve physical performance and ability in a diverse way. Whether it means being able to improve your ability to perform day to day tasks or preparing your body for vigorous competitions or events. CrossFit athletes make sure that they train not only their muscles but also their joints and ligaments through the use of functional movements which means that the not only do you end up looking great but you are actually able to make the most of your fitness in day to day life.

Beating Through Plateaus

Have you ever been training and at some point, it seems like you hit a wall where no matter what you do, you don’t see any further improvement? our guess is yes, and it’s quite normal for people who train n the generic way that you would expect to see in most gyms. This is due to one main reason… Repetition. After a while of doing the same thing your body and muscles start to become aware of your routine and therefore know what you have in store. Thus, allowing them to prepare causing a plateau. However, with CrossFit you can beat through these plateaus phases a lot easier. CrossFit is widely varied and structures around compound and functional movements all performed at a high intensity. Because CrossFit is constantly varied and is never the same routine you muscles are constantly required to perform in new ways which does not allow your body to become complacent and predict what you are about to put it through. as a result, … bye bye plateaus and hello progression.

Fast Weight Loss

Many People are under the illusion that “steady state cardio” is the best way to help you lose weight. However, this is incorrect. High intensity training will actually give you better results in a much shorter time frame.

A 2013 study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning found that improvements in body composition, including weight loss and muscle gain, were significant for those following a CrossFit program, regardless of their level of initial fitness. The purpose of the study was to examine the effects of a CrossFit-based high-intensity power training (HIPT) program on aerobic fitness and body composition. A total of 23 healthy, adult men and 20 healthy, adult women spanning all levels of aerobic fitness and body composition completed 10 weeks of HIPT. Their workouts consisted of lifts such as the squat, deadlift, clean, snatch and overhead press, performed as quickly as possible in a circuit fashion.

Body fat percentages were estimated before and after the training program along with maximal aerobic capacity (VO2max) to track endurance improvements. After 10 weeks of training, the results showed significant improvements of VO2max and decreased body fat percentage in both the men and women. The significant correlations between absolute oxygen consumption and oxygen consumption relative to bodyweight also indicate that CrossFit workouts help improve VO2max regardless of someone’s starting body composition, changes in their fat and muscle percentages, gender, or fitness level. Credit – Draxe 

A Community that provides motivation and support

Not only is CrossFit unique in its training methods and its results but also in the community that surrounds it. The community that you can expect to find in a CrossFit gym is like no other. you see in most gyms you go in, put your headphones in and don’t talk to anybody and usually most gyms can feel daunting. However, with CrossFit you train with likeminded individuals that want you to succeed and offer daily support to help you improve. This comradery allows you to push yourself to new limits every day. Having someone cheer you on or reminding you not to give up makes the difference between you quitting (which you would probably do if you trained by yourself) or pushing through that mental barrier. Not only does this do amazing things for your physical improvement but has also been proven to improve your mental health. Because many adopt the attitude that if they can push themselves through the barriers they find in the gym, then they can do it with other barriers that appear in their everyday life.

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Crossfit Is For Everybody

No Matter what you age, with CrossFit it’s never too late to get involved. Due to CrossFit being revolved around functional movements workouts can be scaled too meet the individual’s ability’s. It’s like anything you start small and over time as you get better you increase the work load. There is no need to worry about being thrown into the deep end with a load of fit freaks that run 10 miles before 7 in the morning. you will be taken through all of the fundamentals first at a pace that is appropriate for you and don’t worry you will not be alone, we at imperium Plymouth are constantly taking on new members meaning that you will be with a group of individuals that are at the same stage as you.

The reason why CrossFit is for everybody is because everybody wants you to succeed, nobody cares what time you got, or how much weight you can lift because everybody appreciates that everybody starts somewhere and it is likely that they themselves where in your position not too long ago.


CrossFit Succsess Stories

At 33, Angi Sanders is learning how to run. And jump.

Obese and inactive for most of her life, Sanders didn’t learn these basic movements until she discovered CrossFit in November 2014.

Now she can run, jump, swing a sledgehammer and flip a tire. She’s also lost more than 220 lb. since 2013, but Sanders would much rather to tell you about what she can do, not what she’s lost.

Angi Sanders

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CrossFit has been proven to help more than just one’s physical performance but has been proven to increase and help strengthen mental health.

Amy Kievit is one of the individuals that has seen the benefit impact that CrossFit has brought to her life after dealing with obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression for most of her life.

in her words, CrossFit allowed her the relief she needed.

Amy Kievit

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Mike McManus accepted his fate.

“I was going to be just like my father,” he said.

Overweight his entire life, McManus’ father died of a heart attack six years ago.

“I’m not blaming my father for why I was overweight, but I just didn’t grow up in a household that drilled eating well and exercising into our heads. So yeah, I just assumed I would grow up and be a fat guy and die young,” 41-year-old McManus said.

Mike Mcmanus

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The session will last for one hour and will be focused towards giving you an insight to CrossFit and allows you to experience what you can expect from one of our group lead classes. The Groups will consist of up to 20 new people allowing you to experience the infamous CrossFit community and how it can empower you to dig that little bit deeper.