What To expect From Our Intervals class

Intervals are a great way to get that much-needed cardio done quickly that will have a greater effect on your body over regular endurance training.

Our interval classes consist of a variety of high intensity exercises that are continuously performed for a set period of time. Intervals are one of the most effective ways of losing fat and increasing caloric burn. Interval training is also considered one of the best training methods for increasing cardiovascular endurance and reducing blood sugar levels.

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Intervals at imperium Plymouth will Provide you will enable to you to become a fitter, leaner and healthier person in a fun, motivating environment that pushes you to what you are really capable of.

The Benefits Of interval training are a listed below;

  • Faster results in less time – Interval training is the most effective and efficient method for training cardio, research has proven that 30 minutes of interval training is equivalent to 60 minutes of normal cardio. Interval training is one of the quickest ways to get into shape according to a study in 2011. two weeks of interval training can have the same effect on your aerobic capacity as eight weeks of regular endurance training.
  • Increased Speed & Endurance – Interval training is great at helping you increase your stamina and the speed in which your body is able to move. In addition to this interval training helps your body to become more efficient at burning lactic acid as a result meaning you are able to exercise for longer periods of time before fatigue.
  • Healthy for the Heart – Interval training can also help towards keeping your heart healthier by making it stronger and more efficient. interval training can help decrease strain on the heart and has been proven to increase the volume of blood you heart pumps per beat, thus decreasing the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.
  • 24-hour calorie burner – Due to the high demands of interval training after you finish your training your body has to work harder to recover than it would with a slow endurance exercise. This means that after you finish your interval class your body will be burning calories for a 24-hour period. during this process, your body also generates a hormone that contributes to the reduction of aging and increases how many calories your body burns.

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