Olympic Weight Lifting

What To Expect From Our Olympic Weight Lifting class

Our Olympic Weight Lifting Classes aid in developing efficient and powerful bar movements. The skills gained through Olympic weight Lifting will be transferable to other aspects of your training. Focusing on snatches, Cleans, Jerks and other fundamental natural human movements Olympic Weight Lifting is a Fun and beneficial class to get involved in.

The class allows individuals to learn drills, technical methods, and breaks down each movement step by step making it easy for everybody to get under the bar.

This class will help to increase power, speed, coordination, strength, skill.

We Look Forward to seeing you! 

If you have any further questions feel free to pop in and speak with a coach.

The Benefits Of Olympic Weight Lifting

Olympic Weight lifting at imperium Plymouth will Provide you will skills and knowledge that you are able to implement in other areas of your training. Olympic Lifting Is a Great way to increase power, core strength and mental strength.

These Classes focus on breaking down movements such as the clean, jerk, and snatch and teaching you effect drills that can be used to help take your lifting game to the next level. The Benefits of Olympic Lifting Are as Follows;

  • full Body Workout – When lifting your body is using everything to help hold the weight and stabilise the bar. in fact, when it comes to workout efficiency Olympic Weight lifting is at the top of the list due to you being able to get a full body workout in the recommended 20 – 30-minute time slot. This is because the deadlift, catching the barbell in a front squat and then pushing it from you shoulders to overhead requires the use and coordination of all of your muscle groups.
  • Increasing Core Strength – Olympic Weight Lifting is very demanding on your core due to it having to stabilize your entire body and the barbell load.
  • Helps build a leaner, tighter body –  Lifting will help you generate a tightly toned physique and will not cause you to get bulky (unless you increase caloric consumption). Instead it will help generate strong legs, glutes, cores, shoulders and arms, and has been found to significantly increase lean body mass reduces body fact percentage.
  • Helps you perform Better in other workouts – Lifting will help you significantly when it comes to performing in your chosen sport or other workouts. This is because Lifting uses a full body range of motion which demands power. in order to produce the necessary power all of your muscle fibres must work together, in turn improving your overall speed and coordination.

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