What To expect From Our Pilates class

 Our Pilates class allows you to train the body in an even way with emphasis on core strength and are proven a great training method to improve general fitness and wellbeing.

This class will help to improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility and relieves stress and tension. These classes are used by many elite athletes to complement their main training programme

We Look Forward to seeing you ! 

If you have any further questions, feel free to pop in and speak with a coach.

The Benefits Of Pilates

Pilates at imperium Plymouth Is A great way to increase flexibility and increase general health in a fun, relaxed environment.

There are many benefits that This class will bring to your training and general wellbeing. as well as allowing you to still keep active when injured or in recovery. The benefits you can expect to see through attending our Pilates classes are as follows.

  • Can Ease Back Pain – This class helps to form strong cores without being taxing on your bodys in a way you could expect to see with other forms of training. This in turn will help individuals that suffer with back pain as studies have shown that individuals that suffered with back pain after starting a Pilates programme for a four-week duration reported that they more relief than ever before.
  •  easy on your joints – Due to the slow and controlled movements that are performed in our Pilates class there is minimal impact and stress on your joints.
  • Increases Focus – This class teaches you to focus on your breath, your body and how they move together. Pilates even though slow and steady in nature requires a lot of concentration. This is not only a benefit that can help you in other areas of training but can also be good for the mind as it allows you time to zone out and concentrate on something other than the stressors found in everyday life.
  • Flexibility – This class is a great way to help stretch out any tight areas that are often found in most individual’s due to the inactive nature of many peoples work life. This class will help you become more flexible and help re-establish the range of motion our bodies should be capable of.

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