Imperium Plymouth, How It started

Imperium Plymouth, How It All Began 

Just two men, one name and a passion for fitness.

“The Ben’s”, Ben Hay and Ben Wadham once both spoke of a dream of running their own gym. 2 years later they are now responsible for arguably the most unique gym in Plymouth if not in the south west, and is certainly a gym like no other!

As an ex-Royal Marine PTI, Ben Wadham has always understood the importance of fitness. Being a Royal Marine Commando was a passion but the Job took its toll. Ben lost his love of soldering and began to question his career path. He later decided to leave the military in pursuit of a new challenge. Ben later found himself working at a local CrossFit gym., Where he was able to do what he loved, passing on his knowledge and experience to like-minded people. Whether just starting out on their fitness journey or seasoned athletes, Ben was interested in each individual and made it his personal obligation for them to reach their goals.

Ben Hay had fallen from fitness following a Shoulder condition leaving him with Grade 4 Arthritis. A keen surfer he had always been into fitness, spending a lot of his time being active either in the water or at the gym. However, with a lack of mobility and constant pain it became physically difficult and eventually halted his progression. In 2012 Ben had an operation to remove the calcium deposits from his shoulder with the hope to re-engage with a fitness fuelled life style, but found it hard to find anyone to give him the specialist support he required.

2015 Ben Hays was dragged along to the Gym where Ben Wadham was coaching, had a few sessions and the rest is history. Ben met Ben and In a few months had become good friends, finding a common love of Fitness, Motor Bikes and a dream.

In May 2016 “The Ben’s” opened a small 1000sqft Functional Fitness/Strength and Conditioning Gym. Its opening weekend saw 80 happy members sign up and a cap of 100 members within the first month. Quick success demanded more space, so with a lot of help from family and friends, that November the foundations went down for a brand new purpose build facility.
Blood sweat and many tears later, Imperium Plymouth was opened in March 2017. A one of a kind facility, including a Functional Fitness area, Fitness and Bodybuilding suite, Male and Female changing rooms, Sauna, onsite parking and a uniquely styled Café serving great coffee, amazing smoothies and fantastic food to fit with any nutrition plan or cheat meal.

Imperium Plymouth, Unlike Any Other Gym In Plymouth

Nothing But The Best For Plymouth.

Imperium Plymouth is not only just about its facility, but also the people in it. Unlike Most gyms in Plymouth and almost everywhere for that matter everyone at imperium will know your name and be behind you 100 percent of the way.
When we started this journey, not only did we want to create a facility where people would be able to become fitter than they could have ever imagined, but also have a place that felt like a home away from home. An environment that is filled with friendly, like-minded individuals is not only beneficial for your training goals but also mentally.
We pride ourselves on supporting each and every individual that comes through our doors. We are dedicated to helping you succeed whether it be your first training session or your hundredth competition, we will be behind you.
Our classes and training programmes are proven to help you become quicker and stronger, due to the constantly varied approach we take to our training. At Imperium Plymouth, it is not about who is the strongest or who’s the fastest. It’s about turning up, giving it your best shot and leaving feeling like you have improved each day.
So, what are you waiting for? Become part of a community that will allow you to flourish!

Imperium Plymouth Gym Facility